Family Law

South African family law is concerned with those legal rules in South Africa which pertain to familial relationships. It may be defined as “that subdivision of material private law which researches, describes and regulates the origin, contents and dissolution of all legal relationships between: (i) husband and wife (including the parties to a civil union); (ii) parents, guardians (and other holders of parental rights and responsibilities) and children; and (iii) relatives related through blood and affinity.”

“As far as family law is concerned, we in South Africa have it all. We have every kind of family; extended families, nuclear families, one-parent families, same-sex families, and in relation to each one of these there are controversy, difficulties and cases coming before the courts or due to come before the courts. This is the result of ancient history and recent history. Our families are suffused with history, as family law is suffused with history, culture, belief and personality. For researchers it’s a paradise, for judges a purgatory.”

Albie Sachs

Areas of Family Law covered are:

  • Maintenance Applications
  • Contact and access applications pertaining to children
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Divorce Law
  • Parenting Plans
  • Domestic Violence Interdicts
  • Surrogacy Applications
  • Child Abuse Cases
  • Rule 43 applications